Nia Therapeutics

Principal Engineer, Implantable Neuromodulation System

Full-Time in Boston / Newton, MA - Remote OK - Mid Level


Nia Therapeutics is developing implantable brain stimulation devices to restore memory function after brain injury and degenerative disease. Our technology was developed at the University of Pennsylvania with funding from DARPA and we have demonstrated proof of concept to improve human memory in multiple clinical studies. Our technology has the potential to help patients by improving their memory function, reducing disability and increasing on-the-job performance.


We are looking for a high-quality, seasoned, embedded systems engineer to join our team in building a smart neuromodulation platform for memory restoration. The successful applicant will play a key role in taking company's implantable and wearable medical devices from an early engineering prototype all the way to production. This includes gaining a deep understanding of system requirements and architecture, working with an external engineering team on design transfer, modifying and testing system components, and preparing devices for manufacturing.


  • BS in an Engineering with 6+ years’ experience; advanced degree desirable
  • Experience developing high-reliability hardware systems in the aerospace, defense, or medical industries
  • Proven track-record of prototype development incorporating sensors and microprocessors, feeding into product development
  • Able to communicate ideas in a coherent, compelling, and influential way
  • Strong data analysis, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills


  • Experience with medical device quality systems and standards (e.g. ISO-14708), risk management (e.g. dFMEA, pFMEA) and design activities such as Design Input, Design Output, Design Verification, and Design Transfer.
  • Broad circuit design experience including analog, digital, power supply and comms functions
  • FPGA tool flow from RTL design through synthesis, place-and-route, and FPGA bring-up
  • Embedded systems development in VHDL/Verilog and C
  • Knowledge of secure system design fundamentals
  • Setting up and maintaining testing environments for hardware and software systems
  • Engineering, manufacturing, and board building in production environments
  • Solid understanding of program management tools and expectations of medical device design and manufacturing controls
  • Solid understanding of wireless network communications concepts


This position is based in Boston, MA. Remote work is possible.